Public Domain

APS has based its artistic policy on the distinction between continuity and stasis, believing that the evolutionary process of tradition is equal in importance to the material. The Public Domain songwriting project was begun in 1996 and this is now the ‘banner’ for all our projects which involve the creative use of the collected heritage. Our projects are a highly effective way of addressing a variety of curriculum areas and topics:

MUSIC – listening; appraising; performing; creating; modifying; using traditional source material to make new vocal and/or instrumental compositions.
DANCE – movement and set-dance choreography.
LITERACY – listening; verbal participation; group work including songwriting.
NUMERACY – developing rhythm patterns. Suitable for any size venue, acoustic or amplified, with existing ensembles or tailor-made to your requirements:- ┬áSeated Concerts, Dance Concerts (or a mixture of both!), Ceilidh – ‘barn-dance’ style events.
TAPS can run workshops in instrumental, vocal, composition and technique for all levels, from beginners to advanced, including creative and exploratory sessions for experienced musicians and sessions leading to joint performances with participants and workshop leaders.
All of TAPS’ work can be tailor-made to meet your ambitions, needs and goals. Whether education project, performance, workshops, or for any combination of these, contact us to discuss your requirements, book a project, or to find out more about this and all of our other work.