Music / Culturally Specific Rhythmic / Vocal / Storytelling / Dancing / Cross-Collaboration

TAPS offers a variety of large-scale projects, single workshops and community based initiatives all of which are flexible and have proved effective through long developmental processes. Projects involving any of the above art forms link into curriculum subjects such as History, Geography, Music and Mathematics. TAPS has a wealth of experience working with all ages from reception class to adults.

The TAPS ethos is common to all of our project work. We aim to work with traditional arts from many cultures using the materials of the tradition to break down perceived barriers of terminology, stylistic convention and performance ethic. The artistic links instigated by TAPS workshops can forge social links integrating cultural groups in a common purpose of celebration and response.
Key elements of workshops include:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Structured participation
  • Performance
  • Traditional and contemporary work
  • Issue related

Projects available include:
One World Band
A World of Music from a British perspective. Four or five musicians from different cultural backgrounds (usually English, Indian, African, Caribbean and South American) give a 75-90 minute interactive presentation of instrument families and musical techniques from around the world, showing both distinctiveness and common ground between cultures. Structured participation in the form of singing and culturally specific rhythmic work is a major element, making this more a workshop than a show. Price reductions for more than one show per day (can you connect with another local school and share the cost?). Hands-on workshops for smaller groups are available in conjunction with the main presentation