The One World Band was first formed in 1994 and is now the ‘banner’ for all of TAPS’ inter-cultural projects. Our projects are a highly effective way of addressing a variety of curriculum areas and topics:
MUSIC – instrument families; singing; rhythm work; concepts of elementary music principles in different cultures; role of English traditions in ‘World Music’
SCIENCE / NATURE / ENVIRONMENT – how sounds are produced; recycling natural materials to make instruments; music as a reflection of cultural and environments
HUMANTITIES / CITIZENSHIP – immigration and refugee issues; cultural integration; mutual respect for distinctiveness and the recognition of similarity
LITERACY – listening; verbal participation; group work including songwriting
NUMERACY – developing rhythm patterns

Other Projects

The One World Band also does performances and workshops for adult and family audiences. Combine an interactive concert performance with a JazzCeilidh spot (see right) for a great all-singing, all-dancing community event. Or make this the final culminating event of an extended schools’ residency, with items in the show which involve students alongside band members!