Artistic Policy

Mission Statement

Acknowledging the past, while creating for the present and ensuring continuity for the future.

Breaking down cultural and stylistic barriers and working towards a new inclusive English identity through the delivery of:

  • community events and participation
  • education work at all levels
  • skills training for individuals and groups
  • professional development and touring

TAPS is dedicated to ensuring that:

  • tradition does not only concern the past; we distinguish between continuity and stasis
  • the evolutionary process of tradition is equal in importance to the material
  • the participatory nature of the traditional arts makes them an appropriate vehicle for community and education work
  • the traditional arts of England are shared with people from different cultural backgrounds as a key element of its inter-cultural work

TAPS aims:

  • to promote and encourage creative skills, such as composition, arrangement, songwriting, choreography, drama writing and storytelling, within the traditional arts
  • to encourage established practitioners of the traditional arts to share their skills with others
  • to foster collaborations between traditional arts practitioners and those from other areas of the arts
  • to place equal value on the contribution of all participants, regardless of professional status or cultural experience
  • to work in a co-operative and supportive way, which enables all participants to take and retain ownership of the results